4four.io - Free Rhythm Training

4four.io - Free Rhythm Training
User interface of 4Four.io online application

As a music teacher, you're often on the lookout for new tools and resources to engage your students with. I thought I'd highlight a recent discovery - 4Four.io.

This website is a dedicated games hub for all things rhythm, offering a wide variety of tools and trainers designed to help particularly your younger students practice rhythm concepts in the form of various games. These include things like Rhythm Bingo and Rhythm Dice. You can match sounds, words and notes in many different ways and it's all very user-friendly and immediate.

Here's a video showing you a full-guided tour of what 4Four.io has to offer.

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A rhythm training platform. Online tools for practising rhythm and music theory. Log in to record your scores. Teachers can create exercises for students. Free and mobile friendly.

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