Practice Tip: Record Yourself!

Practice Tip: Record Yourself!
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As musicians and music students, we will spend hours and days practicing our instruments and gradually improving our musicality.

However, it's easy to fall into aimless practicing habits where we're not actually improving or even aware of our problem areas. This is where recording ourselves during practice sessions can make a huge difference.

These days, the majority of people at least have a smartphone with a simple recorder app. This can allow you to catch things you may have missed in the moment, like inaccuracies in rhythm, pitch, dynamics, articulation, tone etc. You can then focus in on those weaknesses and correct them.

You can compare and hear the subtle improvements in your playing over time. This can help motivate you to keep pushing forward. We all have those difficult bars or phrases in pieces that trip us up every time and recording gives us the opportunity to isolate those spots and view things from more of an audience perspective.

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